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  1. Facing ten years but what will they be sentenced to? Community service or some fines.

  2. Yes lock them up. Make them pay a huge fine first, and if they don’t have the money, longer time in jail.

  3. stop w these statue distractions #showustheweinerlaptop !!!!

  4. 10 if they turn themselves in.. gonna start at 10 if they apprehend them!!

  5. imagine the POTUS personally after Ur ass for committing a crime lol

  6. Damn kids should have stayed home drinking worm milk with a thumb up their ass 👍

  7. How about you track down the leaders of these bullshit terrorists organizations that are destroying our cities and killing citizens and put a stop to this hoax fucking virus, Mr President!? We the people are tired of this bullshit and are going to stop it ourselves if you don’t do something pretty fuckin quick!

  8. He should do what mom did to us kids! When we were in trouble and ran away she’d double the swats!! WHAP!WHAP!WHAP!

  9. Need to add another 10 years for trying to evade capture!! 20 years for anyone helping them evade capture. Loss of citizenship and shipped to the country of our choosing by the real Americans of this country that love and protect it.