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  1. Every other app does that though the government just mad that china doing it.

  2. What’s that guys name I always forget🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. Looking good as a future Patriot President in the years to come. Jes’ sayin’…

  4. i cant believe we live in a world where ppl are actually defending chinese companies tracking american citizens location, search history, ip address and who knows what else just because they don’t want to lose their 10 second fuckboy videos smh

  5. Data Thieves protecting their victims from other thieves. That’s all it is. Anyone having a smartphone, doesn’t have privacy, anyone with 2 brains cells understands that. That’s the cost of convenience these days.

  6. We have such an issue with privacy in our country, and hate how our own government spies on us. SO WHY LET ANOTHER COUNTRY SPY? Can we stop the hypocrisy yet?

  7. People need to understand, this is a big f….deal. To think of all they are doing is scary. This news to be on MSM & not another strike against Trump.

  8. imagine if facebook, twitter, youtube, and the rest of big tech was owned conservatively 😂😂😂 every liberal would lose their minds and big tech would be destroyed in minutes. the hypocrisy of the left continues to blow my mind every day

  9. I think he’s cornering them more than banishing them. Microsoft to purchase tik tok and take over their U.S operations thus making them American. Very slick moves

  10. Technology is mostly good. But there’s a lot of evil to. If all people had morals and were selfless, it would be a different thing.

  11. I get that and fuck china but what about all the other companies that do the same thing?