Am I the only one thoroughly annoyed after watching that debate?

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Am I the only one thoroughly annoyed after watching that debate?


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  1. They were attacking and provoking Trump he had no choice but to defend himself. Lie after lie trying to discredit everything he has done . Trump wasn’t gonna let that happen .

  2. My thoughts exactly…very frustrating. Biden’s blatant lies were infuriating….waste of balloons..wasn’t quite the party I was hoping for… But the chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting I made were worth it. And I’m not out of bud light just yet…🍿👀

  3. I thought Trump dropped some pretty good points but likely nothing that is going to change anyone’s mind. More surprising was Biden not utterly failing.

  4. It was a shit show. One weird thing from Biden: when he wished himself good luck

  5. Can we all just agree to vote for #jojorgensen2020

  6. I’m a psychotherapist, I usually get paid to deal with couples like that. But then again, I don’t come out as the moderator with leading questions in the form of an opinion 😂

  7. Nope! Chris Wallace debated for Biden🙄

  8. Time to dig on wallace. Dude is deep state

  9. Nope. I am too. Sooo annoyed. Trump debated TWO people!! He was in that damn circle. We need to truly pray over potus next time!!

  10. I was annoyed at Chris for taking every opportunity to scold his president. I was annoyed at how persistent Trump was sometimes to interject when it wasn’t his turn. I wish he had been a little more calm, and talked about his accomplishments more than taking a swing at Biden, like in the race category. Trump has some incredible accomplishments when it comes to the black community and he didn’t even mention them. I was super annoyed how easily Chris let it go when Biden wouldn’t answer about stacking the court.

  11. It just wasn’t for YOU. Trump got a lot of voters off the fence and on his side. 👌

  12. Couldn’t stand it. Trump all the way but dude needs to chill sometimes.

  13. 💯💯💯 Spent too much time attacking each other and talking about the past. Not enough time giving solutions and ideas for the future

  14. Don’t be shocked if there is no 2nd or 3rd debate. Biden did decent, scripted like a robot but overall better than expected. His team will argue Trump doesn’t let him talk so why bother. Ends on a high note for Biden. Mark.My.Words

  15. Chris Wallace was able to assist and ensure Biden didn’t have a major malfunction. This debate won’t change anyone’s mind

  16. I’m not sure if I’m annoyed but I am going to do some research when I get some time. I was taking notes (like always) and there are some questions I need to find answers for. Is there anyone with the medical background that can answer if the effects of the drug cocktail that had been suggested to be used on Biden are effected by an elevated heart rate? If so Trump talking over him would create frustration, elevate his heart rate and possibly wear the effects off early. Otherwise the possibility of Trump interrupting him and taking through the first hour whether it was his turn or not would make it hard to hear a tiny speaker implanted in his ear canal. I think Trump did what was necessary to debate an opponent and the moderator. Every time Trump started to making points and bringing up real issues he was shutdown but the people are listening and some will be interested in what was said, fifty years from now this will be marked as a very special moment in our history.

  17. Biden had rehearsed shit. Wallace kept butting in when trump was making a point. Biden couldnt keep up. Hopefully the next debates will get better

  18. From India here. Woke up early to catch last 45 mins of the debate. It was an absolute chaotic shit show … like a kindergarten detention room with inept people in it. 😂

  19. It was terrible. Trump had no tact, Biden had no description of his plans, and Chris Wallace had no control…we all lost tonight.

  20. Felt like watching siblings argue over BS 🥴🥴

  21. I’m really annoyed. Trump has so many accomplishments and tonight was the night he should’ve brought everything to light. And he didn’t

  22. I’m cured from watching any future presidential debates..they both sucked ass…let’s vote already.

  23. I just wanna point out joe biden said good luck 😂 to himself before he started his debate

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