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  1. It’s heartbreaking! Hundreds of thousands of children go missing a year. There was a show one of my professors got me on I can’t remember the name I’ll have to look it up, but it was a retired navy seal who dedicated his time to finding missing children. In one case he actually found a little girl who had been missing for years. She was being sold in a strip club in Mexico. She was brought back to the states and after two weeks ran away and ended back on the streets addicted to heroin. I was raped and abused. It messes you up bad and no it doesn’t go away. It lives and haunts you. By the grace of God I have gotten through my darkest points and now use my voice to advocate for others like myself. This silence from the media is infuriating. Where did the “Me Too” movement go?! Because they were all a bunch of bullshit too! Thank you so much for continuing to spread news about these kiddos they need our help and they need our voice!♥️♥️♥️

  2. Not one. Not even the holy rolling Red tie bunch. Makes you wonder why. One can extrapolate.