Department of Justice Brian Rabbitt, the Acting Assistant Attorney General for …


Department of Justice 🏛 Brian Rabbitt, the Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice, announced 50 people had been criminally charged with allegedly committing fraud through payments from the Paycheck Protection Program.

Rabbitt said, “Unfortunately, in almost every crisis there are those who seek to help others, but there are also those who try to exploit the situation for their own unlawful purposes and financial gain.”

Watch the full briefing through the link in our bio.

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  1. LOL did they even look at trump’s cronies?? Lobbyists for his cronies secured hundreds of millions in PPP funds.

  2. When Congress passes poorly written laws they get to wash their hands of the mess they create for citizens and the Executive Branch.

  3. Can you get trump to show his tax returns …follow the money russia

  4. Riiiight…are the Congress people who took funds going to charged too?

  5. How many had the same last name? And do we all know this name? Has this name become synonymous with Fraud? Is their a tall blonde who does millions of dollars of business with China? Hmmmmmm? 🙄

  6. So I guess they are going after a bunch of poor ppl. While ignoring the wealthy and connected 🤔

  7. Let’s see how many of trumps buddies get arrested

  8. Lock up Trunp, McConnel, Graham, all co-conspirators keeping an unfit sociopath in office. #treasontrump #highcrimes #murderwithknowpedge

  9. Publicity stunt to distract from trumps latest scandal and revelation that he is a terrible leader and horrible person

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  11. @thekitchenphysicianpb A few things you seem to have overlooked: Corporations and other organizations are groups of people working toward common ends. Organized people still have a right to access Congress for their common purposes. Secondly, much legislation has little to do with any specific industry, company or organization, but, rather, with classes of people, such as the physically and mentally handicapped. Thirdly, the number of people wo vote and communicate with their representatives is quite low. You can’t expect to be represented if you don’t get involved in the process required for representation. Before we criticize our form of government and office holders, we need to make sure we are doing our part as citizens to make the process work and ideally acquire an education that allows us to express ourselves without vulgarity and profanity.

  12. Lock trump up!!! For the MURDER of 191,000+ Americans. @whitehouse @thejusticedept @realdonaldtrump

  13. @green_beans_and+peas Actually only the people who have not read the PPP the Democrats lumbered with poorly worded classes and inadequate safe guards would be so ignorant as to blame it on the Executive branch. Like Dodd Franks, it simply is a poorly crafted law that cannot be effectively administered a written Of course, no one expects Liberals to actually read or comply with laws before making comments.

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