Elections During a press briefing, a reporter asked National Security Adviser R…


Elections 🗳 During a press briefing, a reporter asked National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, “The U.S. government determined the Russians are trying to ‘undermine the faith in the electoral process by spreading disinformation about the accuracy of voter data by expanding vote by mail,’ and Pres. Trump has also said that state’s voter data is not accurate. And he’s telling people to not trust that their mail-in ballots are counted. So, is the president helping Russia spread disinformation?”

Nat’l Security Adviser O’Brien responded, “When it comes to the elections, and what the intelligence community has made clear, is first you have China – which has the most massive program to influence the United States politically – you have Iran, and you have Russia. These are all three adversary countries that are seeking to disrupt our elections.”

“Some of them prefer Biden. Some people say that some of them prefer the president. My position is that it doesn’t matter what these countries want, that any country that attempts to interfere with free and fair elections in the United States has to be stopped.” 

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  1. WHAT AN EMBARRASSING NEWS CONFERENCE. There is NO deal between Serbia and Kosovo. This administration is making a MOCKERY of our State Dept. I wonder if they played the same trick with the so-called Israel-UAE deal. CLOWNS!!!!

  2. Wow, this is going to be the most flawed election in U.S history. If Biden wins, then the right is going to say it was China and have a huge hissy fit. If Trump wins, then the left is going to say it was Russia and have a huge hissy fit. The madness is only going to start once the election results are finalized.

  3. If the answer was “no” he could have just said “no” but he didn’t.

  4. He looks high AF just like traitor45.. #bidenharris2020🇺🇸

  5. BS false equivalency. All countries have preferences. Iran can’t do sht. Russia has actual operations ongoing and even GOP admitted in their intel findings. Putin just POISONED a rival and trump didn’t say sht. A joke.

  6. Russia has more to gain with Trump than China has with Biden. China does not fear Trump, nor do they love Biden. I think Russia proved their preference 4 years ago.

  7. Aside from the long list of CRIMES Trump will face if he isn’t shielded beyond the statute of limitations (campaign violations paying hush money being the least) his OWN indiscreet comments recorded on video recordings, damn him repeatedly and frequently

  8. Trump has invited interference in the past and continued to. “Russia, if you’re listening, find those [Clinton] emails.

  9. I interpret this as yet another attempt at voter suppression. White noise to distract from reality. See beyond the glass and exercise your right to #vote

  10. “Some say”,….what a cop out. What has happened to Republicans? They are spineless cult members

  11. Cspan is good to show both sides. You sure are glad you are in America and not Yemen.

  12. France did an effective job counter-hacking foreign interference in 2016, in their country. This is easily done. We should implement the same tactics accross the board in the US.

  13. Thank 👏 You 👏 Shut foreign interference down. Period. It undermines our democracy.

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