I grew up in a world where racism was basically over. I have had friends of ever…



I grew up in a world where racism was basically over. I have had friends of every color, tribe and creed. Currently my best friend is black. I asked him what it’s like having a father who looks like Colonel Sanders and a mother who is a veterinarian and is black. He said that because his skin is black it was harder for him growing up. So I began to understand how it is for him when he gets pulled over for speeding versus if I get pulled over for speeding. It made me sad to hear what his experience is like.

However he went on to say that experience is so different from what we are witnessing in this video and on the city streets of America. We’re seeing outrageous racist behavior towards white people for no reason at all. Now black people, not all, but many feel it is their right to just scream and yell or steal and loot from white people who have done nothing to them. The woman sitting in the airplane could have been me and there I am having a best friend who’s black and that black women would have never known. So I’m calling it what it is, it’s racism against white people. Racism is evil. We had a civil war to get rid of it and a Civil Rights Movement to end it before I was born. So that a new generation would grow up color blind. And it was color blind UNTILL BLM began. And let’s be clear, BLM began the day our Great Patriotic President who was never called a racist a day in his life became our President. So tell me again who are the real Racist? The Demoncrats are using black people once again as they have been since the founding of our country and black people are letting themselves be used. There is no love in the hearts of BLM and ANTIFA only hatred of America, white people and our police. Just type in and search “10 points to action” read how much they hate America. Sadly, BLM and ANTIFA are acting identical to terrorist so with each passing day the rest of the country is getting so tired of their outrageous behavior, I anticipate a landslide victory for Trump. America has seen enough.
WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🐸🙏

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  1. Trashy pathetic bitch. Only racist on the plane is that dumbass queen from shit hole California

  2. And quenisha is now a frequent traveler of Greyhound lines. Guess where she’s sitting??

  3. Obama pushed division and BLM started under him, long before Trump decided to run.

  4. Racism is dead in America. WE HAD A BLACK PRESIDENT FOR 8 YEARS!!!

  5. Is it just us white folk that get thrown off of planes for not wearing a mask?

  6. I swear they argue with themselves! Anytime a white person is right in a situation they always want to use “white privilege” towards us. Lol this is hilarious

  7. I’m so sick of this BS! God loves us all he doesn’t look at the color of our skin nor does he care of the color of our skin!

  8. The lady arguing with herself has really low self esteem. 🤨

  9. W🤔W can’t help but wonder who hurt that little girls feeling so bad she has to punish everyone in her path forward. She’s probably a HR leader (EEOCfor an majority White company

  10. And yet it’s now an $11,000 fine for drinking alcohol on a flight! Hope she’s banned from flying. Where was attendant’s back up?

  11. OK so I am totally against racism but in this clip all it looks like is this person that worked in the plane wanted to get to another area of the plane/different door and the black woman would not let her pass… I don’t see how this is racism at all.

  12. The flight attendant does have authority over her on that aircraft. I would have notified the captain and thrown her off. ✈️ She should have been. I didn’t watch until the end. Maybe she was!

  13. Yea she really dragged it, all for “her” bathroom lol nah she’s delusional

  14. Blah, blah, get off your damn high horse. She called herself a Queen. 😂😂😂

  15. Most people would say yeah I’m sorry and take one step out of the way and that would be that, a 2 second encounter. But then you have people like her making a 2 second encounter into a 10 minute spewing of hate, racism, entitlement and just disgusting behavior for anyone.. 😢

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