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  1. He aged like 10 years in the last 3 months !! He knows he is up shits creek

  2. So when President Trump was being impeached the dems said 2nd hand hearsay was just as good as hardcore evidence yet 1st hand witness testimony and flight logs are not trustworthy?

  3. I was cooking and at first told my husband we will see! After this I said he is guilty as crap!!!! Brett Kavanaugh shows how an innocent, falsely accused man acts!!!!!

  4. He’s in panic mode and attempting to do damage control 😂

  5. It was like watching when a child breaks something and is very adamant about saying they didn’t break it

  6. I’m all over this on Twitter. He was fast talking non stop to limit questioning and he’s doing the classic lawyer trick of trying to discredit the accuser. I could tell he’s panicking

  7. Exactly. He repeated the same story a few times about him being on the island with his family. He made sure to discredit the woman that testified.

  8. Young pharaoh destroys him on one of his recent presentations. Deep state👌

  9. How can you tell a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving. Very fitting joke for this moment. Gotta ask yourself who would make up a story about a non disclosure deal out of no where Alan. Thanks for impeachment help but your on your own pal no deals

  10. Being someone who has personally seen videos of him torturing children, this is disgusting.

  11. He is the most guilty, he is their last line of defense. He will crumble.