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  1. Well he looks like a creeper more and more as grows up. With his brattitude like it is since he was a child I’d say this is not surprising in the least. “They” all think they can just do and take what they want. Well they’ll also get what they deserve too. 🐸

  2. Here we go are they trying to destroy his life like others who wont join pedowood or

  3. Sweet tea indeed… the ck models in that photo look awfully familiar… are some not from Rachel Chandlers upcoming models to watch.. you know fren… the drugged out looking ones 🤔

  4. I’m not gonna lie y’all, I read both stories from the girls and Kadi girl was tweeting about how much she loved Justin and literally tweeted “I will find you and fuck you” and tagged Justin Bieber…I wish you could post pics on comments on Instagram to prove it but if you search her page the majority of comments under her “accusation” were screenshots of her saying stuff like that. I definitely think Justin is apart of the illuminati/cabal but I don’t believe these ladies stories at all. Just my opinion that no one asked for😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. I had a follower that claimed to have been at an industry party and walked in to a room and saw Beiber being filmed raping a rabbit.

  6. Wasn’t it just a few days ago that he touched his hat when someone asked in stream chat if he was SRA victim? Me too as insurance on celebs yo.

  7. They are Trying to destroy his life, image, character, legacy, etc… before they kill him off. #27club – sad man people gotta wake up NOW!!!

  8. NOOOO!!!! This is the illuminati trying to set him up, next thing you know he will be getting locked up and even be part of the #27club 😫 they’re tryna get rid of him before he says who sexually assaulted him in the industry. We need to get sum trending to save this mans life

  9. What are the chances allegations come against those who won’t conform to the cabal? Justin Bieber is not deep state, he’s religious, living quietly and comfortably with his wife. These didn’t come out randomly.

  10. Wonder how much theyre paying her to make these accusations

  11. What were they doing with him in the first place? 🤷🏽‍♀️why were they alone?

  12. Not to mention he is Christian and doing good in his life. They (Hollywood) don’t like that. They did it to Mel Gibson too.