Earn Cryptocurrency at The Millennial Bridge

#1 Go Premium 1$ / Month

#2 Earn, Invest & Spend Bridge Points

#3 Purchase Featured Pages, Ad Spaces, Cryptocurrencies


Last Updated: 12/12/20


The Millennial Bridge makes 99% of it’s profit running Ads and to expand operations we are now rewarding investors willing to contribute to our mission of serving you honest, reliable and transparent news.

Setting aside profits to award our premium members with opportunities to earn; Featured News Pages, Ad Spaces, and Cryptocurrencies through our rewards program.

By joining you agree to our Terms of Service.


Trade Bridge Points for Rewards

Bridge Points –> Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC), or Ethereum (ETH)

Bridge Points –> Featured Pages, Ad Spaces Rewards


How it Works?

  1. Sign Up – Must purchase $1/month Premium membership to participate.
  2. Post, Like or Comment on News in the Community Feed
  3. Earn Bridge Points & Exchange for Crypto or Rewards.


Earn Bridge Points

Earn a maximum of 5 Bridge Points per day in EACH category

  • 1 Bridge Point for registering to website
  • 1 Bridge Point for write an activity stream message
  • 1 Bridge Point for replying to an item in an activity stream
  • 1 Bridge Point for a favorite on an activity stream item
  • 1 Bridge Point for getting a follower


LIMITED SUPPLY of Bridge Points & Rewards Availible

ONLY 1000 Bridge Point will be awarded

Total Reward Assets Available ≥ $10 in Bitcoin Rewards

*Holding TMB digital currency represents an investment into our company.


Bridge Point Value?

  • 1 Bridge Point approx. value of just less than $0.01 cents.


How Rewards are Supplied.

Percentage of Ad profits per month goes to Rewards for members.

Holders of Bridge Points will have opportunities for rewards, dividends or exchanges for cryptocurrencies monthly.


Q & A’s

Can I earn Bitcoin directly?

At the moment no, we have limited supply and can only afford to distribute Bridge Points and rewards based on the amount of investment from the community.


Moderators reserve the right and discretion to revoke awards.

Prices, rules, and supply are all subject to change.

House Rules & Community Guidelines

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