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  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball

We’re a very dangerous time in American history right now. We need to be very careful and very meticulous about processing exactly what’s occurring before eyes, what we’re seeing is a major crackdown on freedom.

Bannon: About podcast: I want to say that great content will find its audience, nobody can shut down great content. The demand for that content will always find its source. Our responsibility every day is to put up great content and what we do: ask the audience, if you like it, just become a force, multiplier and get it out.

Midge: Twitter ban stuff is really outrageous. I would encourage people to read the whole thing, but to me the most insane part is they actually say that “the use of words American patriots to describe some of his supporters is also being interpreted as support of those committing violent acts at the U.S. Capitol. ”

Jack Maxey: what’s so horrifying is they’re taking our virtues and turning them into vices literally. What is good is bad, what is bad is good. Peace is violent and love is hate. This is completely upside down.

Bannon: we know the playbook and that’s what we’re going to overcome. It’s all about righteous, indignation and resolve. Nancy Pelosi is going to bring Bill of Impeachment on Monday. Remember one of the things about impeachment, if you’re impeached and found guilty at trial, you can’t run again for the presidential office.

Mayor Giuliani: it is going to be from her point of view, the coup de grâce. It will prove that all the rest of them were equally as justifiable and criminal in nature. I’ve always believed that they should be indicted for a five-year long conspiracy claim innocent man, to nullify his presidency from the very moment we won on the early morning hours of November 9th of 2016. And if I were dealing with justice, I will prosecute them for that using Rico and get to a mass investigation of that and actually bring indictments against about twenty of them.

It was very simple, keep his approval rating, if he’s unpopular they’ll run all over him. The American people hired him to be President of United States and Commander in Chief, he did his job: the economy was booming, we were peaceful. But we can try to confront the Chinese Communist Party in China. I’ve been a lawyer all my life. I did it the same way I went after the mafia, the Nazis, the same way I went after Wall Street. What comes out is worse than we think.

Darren Beattie, Political Theorist and Entrepreneur: one of the things to say is that for all of its negative aspects, it is clarifying the nature of our nation’s power structure. And I think it’s an interesting contrast. You’re a great critic of the CCP, and I’m sure you’ve covered extensively the issue with Jack Ma, who was a big corporate figure in China whose mysteriously disappeared after criticizing the CCP.

What you have here in the United States is the inverse of that, whereas in China you have the state able to completely crush a major corporation for criticizing government, here you have corporations, principally these BigTech firms that are able to censor and de platform the President of the United States.

China, you have a state run media in the United States, you have a media run state and in fact at the very highest levels, the distinctions are merely technical and formal at the highest levels.

What you really have is a full integration between major corporate sector, including the big Tech companies and the security apparatus of the United States.

This disturbing trend that broad swaths of America’s national security apparatus are being repurposed and re-deployed domestically in order to crush the energies associated with Donald Trump, and that’s precisely what you’re saying now and even just days after the event on the Capitol, what you see is they’re trying to roll out domestic terror Bill. United States government is very close to labeling 70 million patriotic Trump supporters as potential domestic terrorists. That is a very dangerous trend for the future.

The heart of the conundrum is the two monsters, the national security apparatus and the corporate apparatus of our own creation. People on the right or just generally patriots have had to reassess traditional ideological attachments to big business simply because businesses in the private sector versus government.

We’ve seen all of these formally nominally private corporate behemoths, which are essentially integrated into the government structure in the highest level and the highest level, there is no meaningful distinction between the American security state and the private sector but our ideology sort of cling to that old distinction in order to favor big business over the government.

I think it’s very interesting and apropos that Twitter censored Trump for using the term patriots and I think we need to interrogate more than ever, what it actually means to be a patriot in a situation in which every single institution of the American security apparatus is actuated against the American people. Or against at least seven million people who registered their support for Donald Trump.

It’s a very difficult situation to navigate, but we have to understand the nature of it. It’s not socialist, it’s not leftist, all of these buzz words that are used on the retail politics level to animate people politically. What it is, is a power structure of the corrupt American Globalist regime and that corrupt American global regime is about to lay down the hammer on seventy million American patriots labeling them domestic terrorists as a very dangerous situation at the end.

It all began when all of the Obama administration state department and national security council officials shuffled into the Tech firms and constituted basically a shadow government within the Tech firms. So you see that with these censorship predicates like Russian Disinformation that is a term of art within the intelligence community that invites the full weight of the national security response to address domestic opinions that actually threaten the people in charge. James Clapper, Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, John Brennan, John Mclaughlin, Michael Morell, Mike Vickers, these are top guys in our national security apparatus.

The charge is ridiculous because there was no interaction let alone the President inciting the insurrection. This is total mis-characterization and false narrative that the media is using to justify this free plan. This is already in the making, they just needed a pretext and the media, of course, as in a propaganda arm of the corrupt Globalist American regime is ready to amplify the narratives that serve the interests of this great power grab.

John Eastman Attorney for the 2020 Trump Campaign: clearly trying to block any alternative voice here or any effort to get the truth out about the election. It really is preposterous.

Mike Pence’s letter on Wednesday morning grossly exaggerated what had been asked to do, which is not declared the President re-elected and do that unilaterally. It was simply to adjourn the meeting to allow the legislatures to continue their investigative work to determine whether the certificates of electors that have been sent from their states in violation of state law which everybody acknowledges.

And the Capitol incident was projected to avoid 12 hours and up to 24 hours of debate, which would be the first time the people were able to see the overwhelming evident of this election fraud.


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