Portland, Oregon, and Oakland, California, sued the Department of Justice and De...

Portland, Oregon, and Oakland, California, sued the Department of Justice and De…

Portland, Oregon, and Oakland, California, sued the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security over the use of federal agents and officers in their cities during unrest and protests.
The 50-page lawsuit accuses both departments of “unilaterally, unlawfully, and unconstitutionally” instituting a “law and order” policy and deploying federal agents to cities. More at link in bio.

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  1. Lol, that lawsuit won’t go anywhere since it was justifiable to bring in federal troops. Democrats were letting rioters and protesters take over their cities destroying businesses and attacking cops at the same time

  2. Why are these democratic run cities in shambles? Ohhh wait, I just answered my own question. Democrats. 😂😂😂😂

  3. The things Trump did for Black America in 4 years:
    * Criminal Justice Prison Reform
    * Lowest Black unemployment ever
    * Federal Funding HBCUS
    * “Platinum Plan” a roadmap for economic, educational, and financial investments in black communities. With input from Ice Cube 👊🏿
    * Juneteenth to be National Holiday
    * Declare KKK Terrorists

    The things Biden did for Black America in 8 years:

    * Eulogy for KKK Leader and Democrat Senator Robert Byrd

  4. How about you report something about the Biden corruption. The Hunter Biden email scandal? Let the truth be heard. Guess you can’t be fake new if you do t report the news. #abcnews

  5. So are they sueing the rioters who caused that to happen?

  6. If Oregon and California won’t enforce the law somebody needs to! 🤣

  7. Democrat cities being destroyed by Democrat voters. Tell u everything u need to know 👿👿👿👿

  8. Not when your city is burning down in riots it’s not illegal.

  9. Riots aren’t protected under the 1st Amendment….. case dismissed.

  10. The leaders in these cities need to go to jail for treason.

  11. Somebody had to restore order when mayors and governors refused to.

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Could the Democrats self destruct faster ????

  13. That is SAD here in the United States of America, where is the liberty in our Country gone to……..TRUMP SUX !!!!

  14. Thank you ,trump and William Barr worked to insite civil unrest and fight ,trump, barr ,McConnell believe divide and (concur control ) our country fir their power grab ,VOTE BLUE ACROSS AMERICA

  15. And the republicans think the democratic s are doing this

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