Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testified before the House Oversight and Reform C…

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testified before the House Oversight and Reform Committee today on the United States Postal Service, the COVID-19 outbreak, and the upcoming 2020 elections.

During questioning, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) (@reprokhanna) asks the Postmaster General about the removal of mail sorting machines from Post Offices and how much it would cost to restore the machines. Postmaster General DeJoy has said that the mail sorting machines are not efficient and take up space required for the increase of packages that have been sent since the beginning of the pandemic.

During the exchange, Rep. Khanna says, “I think everyone in this room can agree on one thing: whoever wins, the American people should have confidence in that result. So, if it would cost less than $1 billion, regardless of whether it’s efficient or not, what is the harm in just putting those machines back until election day, just for the confidence, for the peace of mind of the American people?”

Postmaster General DeJoy said, “You make a statement about $1 billion, you’re not going to give us a billion dollars… We haven’t been funded in 10 years…” He later added, “Get me the billion, and I’ll get you the machines.”

Rep. Khanna followed, “Well that’s a commitment, we’re doing to get you the money.”

On Saturday, Aug. 22, the House of Representatives passed the Delivering for America Act, which allocates $25 billion in funding for the USPS and requires that no changes are made to the organization’s operations through the end of the pandemic, or January 31, 2021, whichever comes first. The bill now goes to the Senate.

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  1. We all know the reason he is there, and it’s not to make the usps more ‘efficient’. It is there to dismantle our ability to manage mail in voting upon the (stupid) assumption the right has that more mail in voting helps Dems. If you can’t win an election on your policies and character, you can’t then screw up the process. Why are Republicans so worried they can’t win a FAIR election?? Sure is telling. And why is the right demanding the USPS be more efficient and make a profit anyway? USPS is not there to make money, and compete with fedex. It is our federal mail system. There is only 1 way to reach every American no matter where they live and socio economic level – the US Mail! Somone please have the gall to ask the Dept of Defense or the VA, or the TSA when they plan on making a profit. #trump2020 #democrats #democracy #constitution #trump #joebiden

  2. If you think 78 year old feeble Joe Biden is * all of the sudden * going to bring change in 2021 after he has spent the last 47 years in government, you’re just not very intelligent.

  3. What’s the harm in spending 1 billion dollars that won’t fix anything? What’s joke!

  4. I advise EVERYONE Ato do early voting…..I don’t trust the postal service with my VOTE

  5. Ro started a little too high for the negotiating process.

  6. I shouldn’t be so shocked that when Trumps people are called to testify they have no answers and no clue about what’s going on. But here I am still shocked. If I showed up to a meeting as unprepared and as rude as DeJoy I’d be fired.

  7. Wow! Yeah let’s throw away 1 billion to put machines that no one will use back and then another billion to take them out after the election. Really! That must be the most stupid idea I have ever heard!!!! Oh and the reason, because it will make us feel good. Get this clown out of our government. And then people ask why is the government not efficient. 🤯

  8. Repugnant Russian republicans only know how to lie and cheat to steal elections 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

  9. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Biden a real American🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. Just a billion dollars so people can feel warm and tingly.

  11. Trump is the one that won’t give you the funds. He said so on national television.

  12. You don’t need machines at @kfc @tacobell or other places either. Makes sense

  13. Willie Geist looked like he was scared to death on MSNBC this morning trying to put a bad spin on RNC. The damn press and TV is lying but the damn mobs and riots have already doomed the BLM hate group and Democrats. Trump landslide.

  14. Dejoy literally used NO DATA to make these drastic changes! He’s not using any science based trajections, but making haphazard choices that damn US citizens.

    This needs to stop. Time to boot this corrupt administration and all the lackeys they have working for them.
    Vote Biden 2020! Vote blue!

  15. If they want for the ppl to have Confidence in the system, then they shouldn’t change the voting system n try to implement mass mail-in ballots. It’s not an Ethical way of running an election. If the Congressman & Senators are concerned, they should allow regular polling places to be open n not close them down n claim it’s due to COVID. We the ppl can manage we’ve been managing for months now. We know how to be safe by putting our masks when we’re around others therefore, we the ppl want fair election not rigged election. Mass mail-in election has no credibility n no accountability. Instead of wasting our taxpayers’ money by holding these types of useless Hearings, they should allow the regular polling places to open for us the ppl to do our part n cast our votes.

  16. I’m all for funding the USPS; but, this seems like blackmail from DeJoy-Trump. Trump quotes 30% skimms off of every transaction.

  17. I’m all for funding the USPS; but, this seems like blackmail from DeJoy-Trump. Trump quotes 30% skimms off of every transaction.

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