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Prince Andrew Stayed at Bahamas Home of ‘Hugh Hefner of Canada’ Who Paid to Settle Sex Harassment Complaints


The Sun reports,

The Duke of York reportedly stayed at a Mayan-style mansion owned by Peter Nygard, 78, known as the “Hugh Hefner of Canada”, after he had been accused of misconduct by three different women.

Nygard, worth a reported £1.3bn, runs women’s clothing company Nygard International, and was the subject of the allegations in the 1990s.


He has always denied any wrongdoing, and says his company settled to avoid the costs involved with litigation.


His lawyers claimed the women had made the allegations as part of an attempt to secure better severance pay.


Nygard later said: “In hindsight, we should have fought it, but that’s hindsight.”

An article published in June 2000 in the Chicago Tribune said that Prince Andrew had recently stayed at Nygard’s property with then-wife Sarah Ferguson.


The mansion is located in the exclusive Lyford Cay neighbourhood on the Bahamanian island of New Providence, and features 12 themed luxury huts, a helipad, and a casino.


The Duke announced this week he would be standing down from royal duties after a widely-criticised BBC interview addressing his long-time friendship with late paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The allegations against Nygard were made in the 1990s by three former female employees.

One, a 27-year-old travel coordinator, alleged she had “repeatedly brushed off My Nygard’s touches and sexual advances”, the Winnipeg Free Press reported.


A 39-year-old communications manager said that, when called into Nygard’s office, she would “find him in a state of undress (pants open, no shirt) or with his hands down the front of his pants fondling himself”.


She also claimed he once added naked swimming to the agenda of a business meeting and that, while in the Bahamas, “frequently was grabbing himself (wearing a very small bathing suit)”.


In 1980, the Winnipeg Free Press also reported that Nygard had been charged with the rape of an 18-year-old, though the charges were later dropped after the woman involved declined to testify at a preliminary hearing.


Nygard denies any wrongdoing in relation to any of the claims.


Among other famous names reported to have stayed at the Bahamanian complex are President George H.W. Bush, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jackson.


The complex is also the focus of an ongoing legal case against Nygard, who is alleged to have illegally dredged the sea floor surrounding it and built on Crown land as part of an expansion.

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