Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced new sanctions on the Iranian Ministry o…


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced new sanctions on the Iranian Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics, Iran’s Defense Industries Organization and its director, and former Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for breaking the UN Arms Embargo.

Secretary Pompeo said, “Our actions today are a warning that should be heard worldwide. No matter who you are, if you violate the UN Arms Embargo on Iran, you risk sanctions.”

Watch the full news conference through the link in our bio.

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  1. This administrations foreign policy is so much better than the last one 👍


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  4. Republicans are in the derange criminal organization Living off tax cuts for the rich paid for by the middle class

  5. Hmmm… cooking up a war 2 months before election-not surprised with this motley crew! Yuck! Please God – rid us of this Nightmare in November 🙏🏼

  6. I thought trump bailed out of the un? and how can trump tell another country what to do when trump runs a criminal enterprise!

  7. I’m not sure who’s further up Trump’s ass… Pompey, Barr, or Graham .. seems like there is plenty of room because they keep crawling in… 👎👎👎👎

  8. That’s not gonna do shit Iran is coming for Trump.😂😂😂😂

  9. The bloodshed in iran and aggressions And a severe violation of nuclear commitments by Iran’s Hitlerite clerical regime in the region is the result of the wrong actions and love letters of Obama and the Democrats to the Iranian clergy. And also because of the negligence and lack of seriousness of the UN and European Union and the governments of Germany, France and Britain.
    @realdonaldtrump @joebiden @barackobama @gop @thedemocrats @vp @secpompeo @usun @ivankatrump @whitehouse
    Refer this message to President Trump and Mike Pence and Dr.Pompeo And Mrs. Kelly Craft and Mnuchin.

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