STATE HISS-TORY: Snake catchers in Florida found a monstrous Burmese Python hidi…



STATE HISS-TORY: Snake catchers in Florida found a monstrous Burmese Python hiding in the Everglades—stretching more than 18 feet in length and weighing 104 pounds, marking a new state record.

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  1. These snakes are an invasive species that are devastating the ecology of the Florida Everglades. Please get off of your high horses and do some research before commenting.

  2. That snake was at home. Why are you in his house messing with him sir?

  3. ABC fails to mention that these Pythons are invasive and threaten almost all other wildlife in Florida. They are a major problem to the eco system down there and its such a problem. Unfortunately, this means people have to intervene

  4. Why are they doing this to the snake if he’s not bothering anyone?

  5. I wish someone could love me for who I am ❤️❤️😔

  6. Lmao all these people asking why they are hunting it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. OMG 😳😳 which state is this ???🤔so I know never to go there 😳😳

  8. Probably killed it, ate the meat and used to skin for boots.

  9. All the people in this comment section are obviously not Floridian if they are not aware of how invasive this species is and the massive impact it has on our environment/ native species

  10. That’s why I stay my ❓out of Florida .. They say the python 🐍 & Anaconda are hooking up and making an even larger snake 🐍.. Good for them .. Stop 🛑 cutting down their habitats to build luxury developments …

  11. Don’t take it away from it’s natural habitat

  12. Leave the snake alone…She wasnt bothering anyone….And for what, a damn record. N

  13. Why rescue and if it’s in the swamp why not just leave it alone if he’s not bothering anybody

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