The Invincible of the BGY of the Communist Party of China (aka CCP) and the vulnerable elite of American politicians

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Author: Wood

Translator: Rosemary

On last night’s live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo recalled a past event in which a former Politburo Standing Committee member told him on a special train outing: “Don’t look at America as great, America can be bought, they’re cheap!”  This statement deeply stung Mr. Miles’ heart,  also deeply stung my heart. The former Standing Committee member said this is informed, and very proud, in the chat he told Miles, not only many American politicians were bought, but also the United States intelligence and justice and other core departments, have been taken down by the Communist Party! Although he downplayed it, it was still a shock.

In the plan of the BGY of the CCP, American politicians are vulnerable; Under the temptation of the devil, the greed of human nature is revealed, and under the impact of the red tide of the CCP,  the American system is gone, and the shortcomings of the American system are exposed.

The first to be taken down by the CCP was Kissinger, who traveled between China and the United States, visited China dozens of times, enjoyed the grand courtesy of the CCP, became a guest of the CCP, not only became the political talker of the CCP, but also the Economic Client of the CCP. He founded the foundation, and at one point served as president of the China-U.S. Exchange Association, which was established by the CCP, lobbying for the CCP in the industry and in the Capitol hill, opening the way for the CCP’s political and economic invasion of the United States, as well as matching the entry of U.S. companies into the market and collecting money in the process. He also trumpeted the CCP, ignored the tyranny and nature of the CCP, ignored the June 4 massacre and persecuted Falun Gong, and tried to glorify the entry of the CCP, saying that the CCP is rising, the CCP is integrating into Western civilized society after reform and opening up, and that China and the United States can only cooperate and not challenged, and that China and the United States will jointly lead the world in the future.

He and the CCP also beautified the rhetorical packaging as Kissingerism, the great propaganda, Kissingerism has become the national policy of the United States, become the mainstream voice of the world, drama, the legacy of great evil. Kissinger’s double-receiving influence in Washington and Beijing has become one of the envy of many American politicians. What is even more abhorrent is that Kissinger not only himself corrupt and greedy, but also for the Communist Party as an introducer, for the Communist Party introduced a large number of politicians and elites from all walks of life, for the CCP BGY to help, to attract corruption and a large number of people. Kissinger, an old thief, is evil to the Chinese people and the American people.

Hillary, Obama, and Joe Biden are all Kissinger’s disciples, and they all follow suit, willingly being hit by the CCP’s sugar-coated shells to be the CCP’s captives. Mr. Obama has set up foundations, accepted many donations from the CCP, and made dirty deals with the CCP. Public donations are small, and secret share family fund accounts are big money. The CCP benefits these greedy politicians, who sell out America’s national interests. The most-favored-nation treaty given to the CCP is a no-word to the Tyranny and human rights issues of the CCP.” Obama not only in this Chinese New Year’s Eve requirements, but also for the Chinese general stock green light, and even absurd to the special decree, give up the most basic audit supervision of the Chinese general stock, let the CCP enterprises fraud, completely disregard the interests of the vast number of U.S. shareholders, let the CCP in the United States to suck blood, weaken the U.S. manipulation at the same time. Hillary is a billionaire, and she buys a private jet. Mr. Obama had only a few hundred thousand assets before he entering the White House, and tens of millions of them have been announced since leaving office. The president’s salary is meager, the annual salary is no more than the district’s 400,000 knives, even if not a point of pay alone obviously cannot accumulate such a large wealth. So where did the money come from? How much money is there from the CCP? The figures are tens of millions, and how many secret accounts are there? These are known only to heaven. After leaving office, Obama also went to China many times to ring-money, he stood there like a clown and took pictures with others, a photo collection of 200,000 yuan at a time, for the full face of money. He thinks he is worth it, but his personality is worthless.

Joe Biden, the former U.S. presidential candidate, is even worse, and he and the CCP have a longer and deeper relationship. Recent the head drive gate revelations have exposed much of the Biden family’s corruption, and many of his dealings with the CCP have come to light in the face of revelations. For example, if he doesn’t pay a penny, the CCP gave him a 30% stake in the BHR Partners Fund, which was set up by the Central Bank of the CCP’s Treasury Department specifically to woo Biden, the surface white gloves are private enterprises, behind the CCP’s state-level banks, the annual financing from the CCP over trillions of Chinese yuan, on this project Joe Biden family can get how much money stolen from Chinese people each year? Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, also received a number of CCP cooperation fees, consulting fees, legal consulting fees, and so on, each more than tens of millions of dollars. In return, during Obama’s presidency, Joe Biden passed on top-secret information provided to defecting Wang Lijun to Xi Jinping. Even more disturbingly, Joe Biden also bought a list of U.S. CIA agents developing in China to the CCP, resulting in the killing of dozens of CIA informants. These people are the elites of the CCP (CPC) and the living force of China’s democratic transformation. Joe Biden is helping the CCP kill the fire of China’s democratization, the mainland’s hope of China’s democratization! The Joe Biden family also collected up to $1 billion in public relations fees, and Hunter Biden lobbied Obama to acquiesce to the island reef and militarization of the CCP in the South China Sea. The Bidens took the big head, and Obama took tens of millions. This Joe Biden thief, with the help of the CCP, is stealing the Presidential election from the United States! If their plan to steal the country succeeds, it will not only be a disgrace to the United States, but also a disaster for the United States and a disaster for the world.

The BGY plan of the CCP has never failed, the CCP has also tasted the sweetness. The BYG plan to bring down the United States has become China’s national policy with full implementation. BGY plan is the means of the CCP and the 3F plan is the goal. The CCP tried to control the political, economic, cultural, educational, and public opinion of the United States and tried to integrate the whole of America into the CCP’s surveillance system, thereby controlling everything in the United States and completely weakening, messing up, and destroying the United States. Under the cover of American thieves, the United States opened its doors, unsealed, the CCP invaded the United States, unbridled in the United States to carry out various infiltration activities, unbridled theft of American Intellectual properties. Confucius Institutes of the CCP have been established in American universities; experts from the Communist Party’s banks and various organizations have landed in the United States; visiting scholars and many businessmen from all over the United States have been blindfolded; Chinese government businessmen have made generous donations to U.S. lawmakers, state lawmakers, and other dignitaries, and large political donations have made them laugh; and civil society organizations controlled by the Communist Party have made their eyes laugh. As springing up all over the United States, the CCP manipulated these organizations to participate in elections, widely cultivate agents at all levels, the Communist Party trained beautiful spies as butterflies shuttled between the political elite, active in various social occasions, the show of fox charm, countless elite politicians fell under their pomegranate skirts. So we see that under the CCP’s BGY offensive, up to the President of the United States, the Chief of The Treasury Secretary, the Attorney General, theWhite House Chief of Staff, thecia, FBI and many other near China, new company bosses, media, technology giants have been hooked, down to scholars, experts, professors, scientists, engineers, sports stars, journalists, police and so on. The list is long and long, and such things happen all the time, unknowingly the United States has fallen, betrayed by politicians and elites, and the dollar is spent in the bulging, unaware of it.

We also see just like Microsoft of Bill Gates, Google, Twitter, Apple, pipeline, Apple, Cisco, and other technology giants to Kowtow to the CCP, they helped the CCP to build a network of the Great Wall, do everything possible to help the CCP cover the truth, to maintain the CCP ruling, just to get a piece of the CCP meat feast!

We have also seen Wall Street go head-to-head with the CCP, and they are doing all kinds of dirty transactions with the CCP, constantly fighting for the CCP, just to gnaw a few more mouthfuls of human blood.

We also see that the uncrowned king of American freedom, NCC, the New York Daily, the Chinese media, media reports, voice of America, Radio Free Asia, and many other media in the sale to the CCP, reduced to the CCP, not only to try to paint grease powder for the CCP but also as the CCP’s public opinion hit, to fight justice, just to get some dog food!

We also see that on behalf of the harmony of the American cultural spirit Chinese New Year’s Eve, the NBA in kneeling to the CCP, consciously accept the censorship system of the CCP, shamelessly singing praises for the CCP, just for those who appreciate the money!

In the Communist Party of Chongqing market, advertising fees, annual hafe, sponsorship fees, political donations, the temptation of these vampires in Japan, ugly, in the face of interests, conscience geometry? Justice doesn’t exist!

These politicians, oligarchs, elites, for the sake of money, for their own self-interest, sell conscience, betray, betray democracy, betray everything in the United States. They enjoyed the blue and gold of the CCP, crazy greed, and the CCP, the devil’s masturbation to sell their souls to Satan. Not only did they fall, but they also wanted to pull all mankind to be martyred for the CCP. They ate the corpse pills made by the CCP and turned them into zombies controlled by the CCP! The CCP through their continuous spread of red poison, CCP released the poison in the United States continued to spread pollution, the shadow of red has enveloped the United States, darkness has come.

Fortunately, it’s beautiful! President Trump, the son of gods, was born. He bravely stood up and said no to the Communist Party, and hit the party’s arrogance hard, effectively curbing the party’s expansion, so that the weak nature of the Communist Party’s foreign power to show. The CCP, which has nailed President Trump into the “about” of the video, is joining forces with the trash of the Washington Everglades, forming an evil alliance of interests, and is frantically attacking President Trump, trying to steal the election, ousting him, and then making a comeback, continuing to re-enter the good old days. So will it work against the dollar? The answer is self-evident and doomed to failure. Justice will be late, but it will never be absent. It is only by reason that justice will prevail over evil. After the truth is revealed, the people’s anger will bury them, the key to the law is that they can not get rid of the nightmare, waiting for them is an extremely sad end!

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