The @nytimes is a threat to national security. When are our so called @gop cowar...

The @nytimes is a threat to national security. When are our so called @gop cowar…

The @nytimes is a threat to national security. When are our so called @gop cowards going to hold them accountable for selectively leaking classified intelligence that puts our soldiers lives in jeopardy? The current intelligence apparently was on a lower level on the nsc and was under the verification process.

The real scandal: We’ll likely never know the truth… Because the @nytimes used unconfirmed intel in an ONGOING investigation into targeted killing of American soldiers in order to smear the President. The blood is on their hands.

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  1. Obama signed in2013, propaganda, using of media for political purposes

  2. What People nees to know that after the Internet became the main source of information, many Newspapers became almost obsolete, they barely make it. Nobody reads them, the Chinese Government and their Communist Party saw that flaw and a few years back thry have been funneling monies to a few important newspapers, they have created a war on US soil without shooting a round. So lets be clear Newspapers are in debt on Big China including certain Governors and well know Senators… 🇺🇸

  3. Soros owns the Times. He bought it from Carlos Slim this is all strategic misinformation to cause Chaos.

  4. do something! arrest NY leakers and send them to Federal prison or worse

  5. I cant believe this kind of stuff isn’t against the law and they cant be held accountable.. this is getting ridiculous with what the msm is being allowed to get away with.. for one, I’m sick of seeing them talk shit about my president every day! When can we burn down the tv stations?? 🤷‍♂️

  6. Hurting the people that help you business move forward… thats despicable… disturbing

  7. NY slime, the name fits them. Ongoing investigation now blood is on their hands. Stupid pelosi is saying Russia must have something on President Trump. Lies lies lies and she prays for our President every day, yeah right.

  8. They never gave a squat about us we knew it n so did they the VA was a shitty place when I was a kid is today and probably will be tomorrow whose fooling who we even made jokes the unwanted children of uncle Sam the 4 u”s this is generational both sides we first have to reclaim our country then worry about the other bs this isn’t a larp to us and they know it’s game up for them watch your 6

  9. I read in Twitter this was an article found back from 2010 that The NY Times based their article off of .. they were counting on nobody taking the time to research that

  10. @nytimes @jeffbezos you should take accountability i mean you have been making about 30 billion since the economy crash….. why keep