The true racist was Bayden, not Trump-a reaction to American college students telling Banden’s racist remarks-

Author: Justice (Himalayan Tokyo Sakurakadan)


This time I will write based on an interesting video I found on YouTube. A video with Japanese subtitles entitled “I showed Biden’s racist remarks to college students” was released in October 2020. The original version of this video was released a year ago and is currently played 1.25 million times. In this video, what if you tell an American college student who claims to be a Biden supporter a discriminatory remark and ask him to guess whether it is Trump or Biden, but know that all of them are Biden’s remarks? It was about reacting. The first remark was, “You must be a person with a slight Indian accent to Seven-Eleven and Dunkin’Donuts.” All six students who heard this answered that they were Trump. Some students said that this statement was dangerous. Next, in front of many African-Americans, “If the opponent wins, they’ll chain you back again?” Five out of six responded to this statement as Trump. Some students were confused by the overly intense remarks and said they were definitely Trump. He then said to former President Obama, “He is America’s first coherent, intelligent, and clean, full-fledged African-American president. This may sound like a literal translation, but if you take the nuances, you get the nuances of “black in appearance and white in content.” Some readers may think that it is a twist, but all four students who heard this answered that they were Trump. Finally, I told them that these were all Biden’s remarks, and when asked if this actually affected your vote, they all answered “yes.” In addition, most students have shown a positive attitude and never seemed to swallow, as they have to look further, so I hope they don’t fake the major media. Also, looking at the comment section of the original video of this video, it was found that more discriminatory statements by Biden were written by the viewers. In May 2020, Biden said that he and Trump weren’t the ones who lost their support. On the other hand, Biden explained that he was careless, but I presume that the fact that such a statement comes out naturally is probably a discriminatory statement from long ago. Also, in the summary section of the Japanese subtitled video above, there is a link to the video of Biden’s discriminatory remarks “47 years of Joe Biden’s racist comments”, and that video is 6 minutes 8 minutes. It takes seconds. He, along with the Chinese Communist Party, is only taking advantage of Americans’ weakness in black racism to win. In fact, Biden, who had made far more discriminatory statements than Trump, is just losing confidence in the major media.

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