The two presidential candidates answered questions about the COVID-19 crisis, cl...

The two presidential candidates answered questions about the COVID-19 crisis, cl…

The two presidential candidates answered questions about the COVID-19 crisis, climate change, the economy, and race in America during the final presidential debate on Thursday night.

In our story, we asked “If you were the moderator, what would you ask?”

Swipe to see a few of the most common responses.

To watch the full debate and hear from the candidates directly, head to the link in our bio.

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  1. Mr. Biden, please count to 10 then immediately follow it up with the alphabet. You have 2 minutes.

  2. Ahh yes! The voter suppression…. I voted today and had to stand in line w the black and brown people. There was no fast pass for white people like Senator Booker insinuated there would be. 😂😂😂 #trump2020 🇺🇸

  3. Would you federally legalize hemp and cannabis to assist in the economic and environmental recovery from COVID? Why and why haven’t you? #republicans #democrats

  4. I’m seeing that voters are concerned about topics far more relevant and important than the ones that are actually asked during the presidential debates.

  5. Would they ask the speaker of the house to “end the rule allowing motions for the suspension of rules”

  6. As an independent Donald Trump secured my vote last night. Joe Biden consistently lied and never answered the question with a straight answer. #Trump2020

  7. What would they do to break down the class structure on our country, especially in regards to race.

  8. i would ask biden to get an instant drug test in the stage

  9. Are either one of you guys for complete free trade and promise to stop using tariffs on every country except for China?

  10. The Trump admin quietly closed a vaccine safety office last year, hampering efforts to track the long-term safety of a coronavirus vaccine.

  11. President Trump I know you care about all ppl, but what would you do to maybe revise Obamacare so ppl won’t be so afraid of losing their medical care❓and doesn’t the HIPPA LAW, still let ppl have new insurance without deny them healthcare ❓

  12. What is the single greatest threat to America, other than American Progressive Liberalism?

  13. Will you commit to lowering out of pocket annual costs for medical care and drugs to a reasonable cost for all. What do you think American families should have to pay as a maximum out of pocket expense for their total costs annually for healthcare? I’d like a number.

  14. I would ask all kinds of incriminating questions of Biden so it would be recorded and used in a court of law later

  15. If you want open borders ? If you will raise taxes NEVER BIDEN

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