There are new signs that the nation's monthslong battle against the coronavirus ...

There are new signs that the nation’s monthslong battle against the coronavirus …

There are new signs that the nation’s monthslong battle against the coronavirus is moving in a dangerous direction. There were more than 83,000 confirmed cases reported Friday, marking a new record high for a single day in the country.⁠

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  1. More people die from heart attacks every day then corona! Look it up!

  2. AND A simple CURE with MOUTH WASH, reported on last nights news. Get your shit together news media outlets.

  3. People are tired of this. COVID-19 is NOT going away. People know what to do and it’s their choice on how to handle it. Unfortunately that means more infections. Until a vaccine is widely available and people get vaccinated, Covid 19 is now a way of life.

  4. No one cares about fake news. So many ppl walking around, no mask and we are doing just fine without the bs media trying to scare us like Biden. We aren’t afraid of a cough.. We are Americans

  5. If you believe those numbers I got some Ocean front property in Yuma, AZ for sale. 🙄🙄

  6. Still spreading fear !! How many required hospitalization? How many died? What’s the survival percent? It will go away if God forbid Biden wins.

  7. BREAKING NEWS – CBS will NOT be covering the biggest political scandal in US history. Joe Biden used his political position as VP to promote and secure a pay for play money laundering scheme with Russia and China with Son – Hunter Biden. THE NEW YORK POST who broke the story is being actively censored by MSM and Big Tech giants Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. CBS will completely ignore this BIG political scandal to continue to LIE to the American people and protect the DNC from being exposed for the most massive criminal act and corruption during a failed coup attempt. They are All trying to dodge Treason and Sedition. Fake news CBS and every anchor and journalist will go down in history as guilty conspirators in covering up blatant DNC corruption

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