This is not a representation of the final product as I am completely re structur…


This is not a representation of the final product as I am completely re structuring this entire film to include new information.
Special thanks to @melissaa.o1 for the extra voice work!


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  1. Woooooohooooo!!!!! This was a good start bro!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 can’t wait for the rest!

  2. Thank u Holy Spirit for prompting me to stop listening to them !! Ty for bringing this to lite !

  3. Good info but the way you’re connecting Q to the occult is a stretch. Just because they use the term “from dark to light”? The Bible says that “the things that are done in the dark will be brought to light”. They seem to be exposing what’s happening and want Nesara. What’s their benefit from doing all this if it’s fake

  4. Is the full video of this available? Great research btw @enemy_of_the_media

  5. Well you definitely got my attention you said you had Skills but this is a Notch Top Notch I knew a lot about Alison Bailey, I know your busy but I gotta video I need you to look at it’s got Alistair Crowley stuff in.. maybe might help you Glean some info from it

  6. Hello! Idk if you can help – but I am organizing a march for the lost children in Hollywood CA on 8/15/20 at 2PM. We are meeting at the TCL theater. Pls lmk if you can support the cause by sharing or attending. Thank you 🙏🏽

  7. I dont see Q as good however like the videos state, they ARE doing good exposing REAL evil. It is my understanding that Q is the 2nd beast, watch for interview of Project Looking glass.

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