User Agreement

House Rules and Community Guidelines

The Millennial Bridge is a global platform for researching news, financial markets and blogging your ideas. The Millennial Bridge is truly committed to being open and transparent, but we draw lines on certain types of conduct that jeopardize our users, threaten our infrastructure or damage our community.

What The Millennial Bridge is for:

The Millennial Bridge celebrates open communication and creative ideas. As long as you respect our rules, we want you to express yourself freely and use The Millennial Bridge to share insights, learn from others, make friends and share the love for news transparency and financial assets.

Main Rules

  • Use only one account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.
  • No posting links or reference to content or sites that contain viruses or malware.
  • All discourse must be contributing to the community. Violations of content authenticity, privacy, Safety, and Dignity will result in account termination
  • No contentious political discourse, defamatory, threatening or discriminatory remarks, hate speech or personal attacks.
  • Do not post offline personal; contact information, status updates, images, videos links or other content that does not contribute to the community.
  • No links / posts with illegal content, erotica, pornography or nudity. Must be blurred out.
  • Do not post content that is not your original work, or infringes the copyright of any third party.
  • No advertising, direct marketing or solicitation! To advertise to our audience, you can contact The Millennial at our Contact Page.
  • Don’t spread rumors, unsubstantiated information or unsourced news. Any news event posted should include a source that corroborates it.

How bans work – 3 Strike Policy

You will get a warning or a ban (ranging from 5 minutes to 1 month) if you break the rules listed above.

The moderator picks the appropriate response based on the violation and previous ban history. Warnings or short bans are typically issued for first-time or small violations. Each consecutive violation will likely result in a longer ban period, until it reaches 1 week and then 1 month. These two measures are required to be taken before a user is banned permanently. There are five exceptions where an account will get permanently banned right away:

  • Duplicate accounts
  • Accounts used for spamming
  • Accounts that spread malware
  • Accounts with an upgraded plan that initiate a chargeback via PayPal without a valid reason
  • Publication of inappropriate or plagiarized scripts

Please note that users with a paid subscription can be warned and banned from publishing content and interacting with others just like any other user. There will be no special treatment for paid users when it comes to their social activities on the website.

Personal Information

The Millennial Bridge reserves the right to reset an inappropriate avatar. The offending member will lose the ability to set his or her own avatar.

An inappropriate avatar:

  • Is discriminatory in nature
  • Is overtly political in nature
  • Impersonates or ridicules someone else
  • Contains erotica or nudity
  • Is offensive to good taste

Please keep in mind that we don’t allow a user to have more than 1 account on The Millennial Bridge, so if you want to change your public username, but you can’t do that, please don’t create a separate (unless you delete your existing) The Millennial Bridge account, as it will also be banned.

The Millennial Bridge reserves the right to reset your account name if it:

  • Contains a website, email addresses or contact information
  • Impersonates someone else
  • Is offensive

Public Chats & Comments

  • Once newly registered users may need to verify their phone numbers, they will be able to comment on ideas published by others. To participate in public chats, users will also need to gain 5 reputation points. This requirement may exist in order to counter spamming and to maintain a friendly community where conversations are mature and meaningful.
  • Respect other members even if you disagree. Don’t be unnecessarily confrontational.
  • Stay away from non-trading contributive chatter or this will result in a strike at the Moderators discretion.
  • Don’t monopolize or dominate the conversation.
  • No profanity or offensive language.
  • No layering of post, text walls, emoji walls, chart walls or ALL CAPS.
  • Don’t openly argue with moderators or criticize moderation in general – send them a private message if you disagree with something.
  • Don’t post-spam
  • Don’t brag and boast about outcomes, let your posts do the talking.
  • No idea dumping. Don’t post published ideas to chat unless they support the conversation between yourself and other chat visitors.
  • No links / references to websites, blogs, social media, messenger apps, crypto wallets, paid or free services, company names, giveaways, prize contests or announcements, nor any form of solicitation. Only source material.

Publishing Ideas

Publishing a post on your personal blog / profile. All posts you publish are accessible on your blog / profile page and with a direct link. Your followers/connections get notified that you published a new post. All published ideas are indexed by filters on the site. Best ones float to the top of the front page as Trending.

To be the best, an post has to be meaningful, detailed, descriptive and provide source material.

Moderators will hide a published idea (whether it is a written idea or video idea) if it violates any of the following seven rules. A note will always be sent to the author in such a case. A publication should:

  • Be on topic and related to news or the financial markets.
  • Contain content that is your original work.
  • No advertisements, logos, links / references to any website, social media or messenger app, crypto wallets, company names, giveaways, prize contests or any kind of announcements are allowed on the chart, idea title, idea description, comment or idea status updates. Video ideas cannot show or promote any external sites and can only be based on charts from our platform. Premium plan holders are allowed to make some references in the Signature section, which can be edited in the Profile Settings and appears under every published post. For small announcements the profile status can be used, which updates all followers.
  • Not be used to voice complaints, grievances or disagreements with policies, to insult or ridicule other members, or to create conflict within the community. This includes directly or indirectly mocking, misrepresenting or abusing other published ideas or analysis.
  • Idea status updates should be directly related to the published idea. Non-relevant updates including but not limited to links to webinars, YouTube videos, Facebook pages or pages that require registration or offer free signals are not allowed.
  • Do not simply repeat basic market information or news that is already available through The Millennial Bridge, such as news events, economic calendar or news headlines. This is only allowed if it’s part of an actual post with a clear bias.

Any content that violates these rules may result in the author getting a warning and the published idea being hidden and/or limiting the author’s ability to post more ideas.

Streams and Stream Comments

The above Published Posts House Rules apply to all Streams and Comments House Rules.

A Stream may include other platforms during broadcast, only if The Millennial Bridge’s product or data is insufficient to make your point. No exclusive streaming of other platforms will be permitted.

Do not include copyrighted content. Please refer to our Copyright and Fair Use policies below.

Do not include disturbing and/or adult content, or any other content that is prohibited by the The Millennial Bridge House Rules.

Commenters on streams may not self promote, harass, or post irrelevant content to Stream comments. Stream chat rooms are subjected to the same rules as other The Millennial Bridge chat rooms.

When re-streaming to other video platforms, both video and audio are required to be hosted on The Millennial Bridge, and interaction with The Millennial Bridge audiences is highly preferred during broadcast.

If your stream language is not English, then state your Stream language within the Stream description so users may sort by their preferred languages.

Copyright House Rules

Do not, at any time, utilize content listed or captured from a product which you do not have license to use.

Do not, at any time, stream content which is considered copyrighted or that does not adhere to the Fair Use terms as defined herein.

Any content that violates such policies will be subject to removal, as well as may include penalties for a given account or account holder.

How to post awesome ideas & get lots of views

Balance: clear, no clutter, professional, not too overwhelming.

Text Analysis

Has to be useful and informative to the community. For example, educational material, a column or a personal experience.


Moderators are volunteers from the The Millennial Bridge community who donate their time to make sure that The Millennial Bridge stays useful and focused. They do not get compensated for their time. We all give them a HUGE thanks for their enthusiasm and dedication!

The Millennial Bridge wants its community to act professionally and with mutual respect so that moderators do not typically need to enforce our House Rules. Their objective is to maintain the high quality of published content and keep chats organized.

When any content or user violates House Rules, moderators will act swiftly. They have an open channel of communication with The Millennial Bridge management and are official The Millennial Bridge representatives on the site.

The Millennial Bridge management has regular meetings with the moderator staff, reviews decisions as needed and makes appropriate changes. If you have a disagreement with a moderator, send him/her a private message and talk about it. Most misunderstandings are effectively and efficiently resolved this way.