White House • President Trump announced that Bahrain has agreed to normalize dip…


White House • President Trump announced that Bahrain has agreed to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel.

The president said, “They will exchange embassies and ambassadors. Begin direct flights between their countries. And launch cooperation initiatives across a broad range of sectors including health, business, technology, education, security, and agriculture. This is a truly historic day.”

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  1. Yet another thing Mr. Obama said could never happen, much like the return of manufacturing jobs and improvements in black household incomes. Amazing what happens when a President puts America first instead of down.

  2. Can’t wait for November 3rd so I can watch liberals throw another global tantrum.

  3. Our we’ll be creating the new Al-Qaeda or Taliban or ISIS #2 🤦‍♀️ Quit arming radicals in the middle east! Let’s hope we have lasting peace, but let’s be clear if we do: Trump truly had nothing to do with it.

  4. Just as a friendly reminder: Trump’s deputy campaign manager willingly gave incredibly detailed private polling data to a Russian spy – who he knew was a Russian spy – and then immediately deleted the communications.

    As Russia was attacking his opponent.

  5. Just saw Joe Biden on Delaware grounds Museum of Natural History. Really soooo sad. Why are the Democrats abusing this poor man by letting him run for office? He looked and sounded 100 years old! Just truly very sad!

  6. He boasted about his “deals” with the Taliban and China as well. Ut those are likely buried under the snownob in your memory

  7. This agreement is a trilateral arms deal between three countries who have never been at war and have never been part of the middle east peace process. Apologies. What did you accomplish here. Not much

  8. You can only choose one of these. Therefore they don’t mix. #reelecttrump2020 or #saveamerica

  9. @ryanshabib look I’m always for peace. Even though we know Bahrain was never not at peace with anyone. The reality is Israel’s economy is hurting and they want tourism. So if they can get Muslims to visit Jerusalem, gets who is really #winning? Israel

  10. @y.hsaewon It really takes a significant degree of inbreeding to quite as deluded as your verbal diarrhea indicates. Nevertheless I spent two decades in the Army protecting the Constitutional rights of all Americans including the mentally ill, so spew your hate all you want, it won’t sway those who deal with realities.

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