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  1. AIDS never existed it was the covid-19 hoax of the 1980’s. HIV was never found or verified as existing and the doctor who descovered it was stripped of a Nobel prize for fraud.

  2. My new dream is to see a movie starring Keanu Reeves and Mel Gibson as Devin Nunes and Ted Cruz, prob they would get Morgan Freeman to play the President again; It could be directed by James Woods, maybe we can get Jackie Chan to play Mr Ping, and Tom Hanxx as himself, dying in the end, sinking Sully into the ocean heading to GTMO filled with far left dems, silicon valley and pedowood. We could call it “Watch the Clockwork Orange Man Bad” #wwg1wga

  3. Slide 9😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂how are you so fucking funny

  4. China is trying to feed a great many … so much history
    Wisdom carried through the ages

    Crouching tiger hidden dragon