“You ain’t from here mother f—er!” An angry black Portland driver gets out of …



“You ain’t from here mother f—er!”

An angry black Portland driver gets out of his car and yells at the antifa rioters. They’re stunned and speechless. https://t.co/w3aPAqvu6P


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  1. Love this guy!!!! Standing up for what’s right!!! Great job and I’m so proud of him!!! Proud American!! ❤️🙏🏼💙💯

  2. What was that smoke coming down over him?? 😳🧐 Anyone else catch that? Or am I seeing things?

  3. That man is dead on the money! Who are these people? they don’t know his neighbors like he does!

  4. This is a Lion roaring telling the foxes to get outta his den.

  5. The whole time I was watching this I was worried his pants were gonna fall down and trip him ruining his righteous indignation.

  6. BLM witch craft dust !!🤮 Wonder if someone blew it on him…

  7. That’s the smoke of the holy spirit descending down on the righteous truth that this man is spitting.

  8. Until one of them dies is when things get real. They play with people thinking they’re invincible but watch when they get shot n its too late. Thats when they’re ganna regret it all say sorry n shit .

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